Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Understanding Internet marketing strategies For you to join the winners you have to have a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, and to have a strategy you have to understand the market you are entering. Too many times we see companies that have been sold a single service – usually SEO – as the solution to all of their marketing problems. Admittedly SEO is an extremely powerful tool and something that we focus very strongly on for our clients BUT it is just that, a single tool in the Internet marketing toolbox, and you don’t build a house with nothing but a hammer. make an enquiry

Measured Results

Measurable internet marketing results Did you know that we can tell you how many people are looking for your products or services online each month, and that we can split that down further to tell you how much revenue or leads each keyword or traffic source is generating, we can estimate the search engine traffic that your competitors are getting and we can estimate the search engine traffic you will get depending on your Google ranking? That kind of measurability enables you to have a good idea where your marketing spend is going, the value it is bringing, and where to invest more and where to cut back for the best return on your investment. If you like the sound of investing your marketing dollars with an Internet marketing company that will create a strategy with you rather than just sell you a service, and who have a proven track record with the Case Studies and testimonials to back it up then get in touch today. What we do isn’t right for everybody and we only work with companies when we know we can make a real difference to their business. That is why we offer a free strategy session so we can talk about your business and see if there is an opportunity to work together leveraging the online potential in your market. Internet marketing enquiry

We know what really matters for your company…your R.O.I.

…and that’s our first guarantee to you.

There’s nothing new about Google page one guarantees, increases in sales and leads etc…you’d expect these to increase…all those things are important, and yes we do guarantee it, but the single most important factor to you is your R.O.I…would that be fair to say? We agree with you as to what you want as an R.O.I and that is what we benchmark our relationship on.
  • guaranteed return on investment
  • no locked in contracts
  • 100% accountability for every dollar you invest
  • guaranteed traffic increase
  • page one google new zealand guarantee

We know we can deliver that’s why we have no locked in contracts.

“With Google’s latest update my online business took a considerable revenue hit, I needed a another reliable source for ongoing sales. Having been running AdWords myself for some time I knew that there was potential there – but was wary of just increasing my budget without a plan. When I started working with Online Asset Partners I was unsure of the level of return that they could provide, for my business the management fees were considerable in relation to my ad budget. Within the first month the campaign was paying for itself, with revenue from ads almost tripling from the same ad spend! This was not a one off as we have achieved even higher revenue since. Having my AdWords professionally managed has been an excellent business decision and I am looking forward to further growth and expansion in 2013.” Belinda Simon – Founder & Owner – Pregoli

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